Chongyang Wang

Postdoc Researcher, Shuimu Scholar, Tsinghua University

Room 3-526

FIT building

Tsinghua University

ubiquitous computing, affective computing, AI for healthcare

Chongyang Wang is a postdoc researcher at Pervasive HCI Laboratory of Tsinghua University, where he is working with Dr. Chun Yu on active sensing and interaction. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at UCL interaction centre under the supervision of Prof. Nadia Berthouze (UCL) and Prof. Nic Lane (University of Cambridge). Prof. Amanda Williams (UCL) was acting as the tertiary supervisor who helped enrich the theoretical basis from a clinical psychology perspective. Before joining UCL, he earned the B.Eng. degree at Southwest University in China, under the supervision of Prof. Tong Chen.

His research focus on ubiquitous and affective computing for intelligent healthcare. He has been working on the intelligent rehabilitation for people with chronic pain since 2017. He is particularly interested in bodily movement sensing that could drive research in healthcare and beyond.

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Aug 26, 2023 I am honored to receive the Best Reviewer Award for CCF TPCI at HHME 2023!
Apr 9, 2023 Our work about multi-agent RL is accepted by IEEE T-RO!
Mar 21, 2023 Invited as the PC member for ACII’23!
Mar 7, 2023 Our study about learning with multiple annotators is accepted by TML4H workshop at ICLR’23!
Feb 18, 2023 Today marks my total citations achieving 500, a small milestone for myself but a huge reward for my past supervisors and collaborators!
Dec 17, 2022 My journey at Tsinghua as a postdoc researcher with nice funding is started!
Nov 19, 2022 Our second VideoQA (competitive for text-to-video retrieval) study about efficient end-to-end modeling is accepted by AAAI’23!
Aug 31, 2022 My PhD thesis is online!
Aug 28, 2022 Invited as the reviewer for Nature Medicine!
Jul 17, 2022 Our study about multimodal protective behavior detection is accepted by ACII’22!
May 3, 2022 Invited as the PC member for ACII’22!
Apr 20, 2022 Our first VideoQA study about integrating multiscale sampling with DL multilevel processing is accepted by IJCAI’22!
Feb 28, 2022 Defended my PhD thesis and passed with minor!
Apr 9, 2021 My first IMWUT paper about protective behavior detection in continuous data is accepted!
Mar 7, 2021 Visiting AIRS at Shenzhen.
Feb 2, 2021 My first ACM Health paper about protective behavior detection with deep learning is accepted!
Jun 18, 2020 My first Neurocomputing paper about micro-expression recognition with attention is accepted!
Nov 3, 2019 Two papers accepted to ACII’19!
Oct 1, 2019 My first ISWC/Ubicomp’19 paper about preliminary ML for multimodal protective behavior detection is accepted!